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tv   Piers Morgan Live  CNN  January 23, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PST

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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ this is piers morgan live. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. tonight speak of the devil. not ann coulter, the rock star they call the prince of darkness and the woman who scares democrats. there she is. and some republicans, too.
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ann coulter is here tonight. i wonder what she this of glenn beck's bombshell he may have destroyed america, chris christie's future and new york's ultraliberal mayor. plus a return to the prince darkness ozzie osbourne still rocking at the age of 65. ozzie will be joined by his wife, sharon. they'll be talking very frankly about what happened that drove them apart nearly last year. we are going to start with our big story which is the other prince of darkness. that's a joke i can keep retelling because it always more big opinions about everything, most of them not really required but she gives them to us, anyway. ann coulter joins us now. how are you? >> fine, thank you. and you? >> i should plug your book. "never trust a liberal over 3." i find this fascinating. glenn beck said this on some show.
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i'm not sure who she is. meghan somebody on fox. >> she has a huge show. you don't know who she is. >> huge show. >> go back and be more uniteding in my language. because i think i played a role unfortunately in helping tear the country apart. and it's not who we are. now i look back and i realize if we could have talked about the uniteding principles a little bit more, instead of just the problems, i think i would look back on it a little more fondly. >> there we are. a great right wing pundit in america finally admitting that he has, his words not mine, torn this country apart with his partisan rhetoric. you're another one. a female glenn beck. >> i'm not the female glenn beck. ways just going to tell you i think i agree with him. he should be more like me, a
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uniteder. >> a uniteder. >> that's what i am. >> how can you say that with a straight face? >> i am a uniter. you're a polarizer. you call me the devil and you say i'm divisive? >> when i tweet you on the show all hell breaks loose. >> i went shooting last week. one of my shooting partners sent a picture of us to you. >> i saw you had big guns. ways very happy for you. let's talk about the polarization of political debate in america. glenn beck was quite brave, i thought, to say what he said. if i'm being self-reflective, doesn't happen very often but i may as well throw it out there. when i've done the guns debate, cane tell that when i get over angry and get a little bit abusive to the gun people, that it actually doesn't help the debate. that actually all it does is intensify the polarization. and it means any kind of compromise becomes less likely. do you like glenn beck look back on some of the stuff you said
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and thought, maybe i could have curbed it there a bit, calmed things a bit and been less polarizing? >> i was definitely too nice to hillary clinton. i think i was overly enthusiastic about chris christie without waiting to go hear his amnesty position. >> you never supported chris christie. >> i was the last march hare supporter and then he came out for amnesty. >> do you have regrets? >> i just told you. >> you have regrets you haven't gone harder. are there any times you've gone too far? >> no, of course not. >> every single viewer watching this knows you've gone too far. >> no, i haven't. >> haven't you ever gone too far? >> no, no, no. >> not a single regret about anything you've ever said? >> in public about politics? absolutely 100% not unless you're going to go back to when i was 14 and briefly was a libertarian. >> i can only imagine the horror of you as a young libertarian. >> but then i turned 15 and it was gone.
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>> do you have any empathy for what glenn beck says? understanding your own refusal to accept responsibility. >> i told you i'm a uniter. i think it's fantastic he'll be like me. >> but he'll be the complete opposite to you. it sounds to me he wants to be less divisive. >> if we knew if he would say look right here i shouldn't have said that. i can say i agree or i disagree. i don't know. in the abstract, do i his radio show. i do his tv show. i think he's funny. we disagree about some things. he's been a little tough on me. and glenn, i think you should take that back. >> try and be serious for a moment. >> i am being totally serious. >> you're being increasingly divisive which is part of the problem. >> i am not. you are part of the problem. i'm the solution. >> i'm happy to be part of the problem. you're never going to be the solution to anything. what he's saying is look, the problem with political debate in washington and america right now is that on almost every hot issue, both sides take such polarizing positions that
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compromise is never possible. >> look, i will answer you seriously here. there are serious disagreements about things, without getting into the details because i don't want you getting hot and bothered and yelling at me. there's guns, there's abortion. we disdisagree. this very day, it came out today, going back 50 years to see how liberals described their opponents and conservatives described their opponents. and it is absolutely from the left you get the hatred and the claim of an evil heart because as he said and i think there is something to this, liberals always feel like we are doing the lord's work and anyone against us is an evil bad person. he went through quote matching quote matching quote. and you can bring it right up to today. >> but i agree with you. i also think that when people hammer fox on debate about fox's political partisanship if you like, there's nothing that fox does that msnbc hasn't been doing in the last three weeks about chris christie.
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it's almost exactly the same thing, isn't it? >> no, i got to say. i watch -- i don't have a job so all i do is watch tv. if you watch no station but msnbc, you have no idea what they're talking about on fox. on fox i promise you they are reporting the chris christie scandal. maybe not 24 hours a day like the 9/11 attack. but look one of the biggest scandals to really harm a republican presidential candidate you weren't here then but when george bush first ran came out a matter of days before the election he had had a drunk driving arrest weirdly enough for driving too slowly up in maine home from a country club one time with his parents in the car. in any event, okay, who broke that story? and it hurt him. they looked at the polls. that story hurt george bush in the 2000 presidential election. who broke it? fox news. >> what's your point? >> my point is, you're never going to get a scandal against a democrat broken by msnbc or get an articulate conservative on msnbc. they are very articulate liberals making the best case on fox news.
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you know what they're talking about on the other stations. it's just not a closed set of only liberals. you're allowed to hear conservatives on fox. >> what do you think of the chris christie scandal so far? >> i think it's the most boring scandal of my entire life. they're actually talking about northern new jersey traffic patterns? if we're going to talk about a highway could it be the pacific coast highway? could it be the road up to ithaca, new york? oh, my gosh, i can't watch my favorite -- >> you don't think they're deliberately causing traffic mayhem around the busiest bridge in the world potentially so emergency services couldn't get to the elderly or young children is not a very serious story? >> first let me clarify that i am massively opposed to chris christie because he had his temporary senate appointee vote for amnesty. i don't think he cares about the country. he cares about his wall street friends. just recently pushed in state tuition for illegal aliens. i have no interest in defending him. and by the way this idea that
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he's a bully is preposterous. he's a bully only to fellow republicans. so ha-ha. not a lot of them defending him now. he can call his pal mark zuckerberg or his good pal andrew cuomo will come out to defend him. yet and still, the one thing i need to say about this scandal is, if you've ever driven in from new jersey across the george washington bridge, you can't get off and go to fort lee. it funnels you straight into the bridge. so i just -- i'm not disputing it was political retaliation. but the story does not make sense. it's like saying -- >> how does it help the republicans? >> wait. but just somebody needs to explain. this does not retaliate against the people of fort lee. you can't get off onto fort lee. the people being punished are probably republicans coming to jobs in new york city. it's all of the travelers going across the george washington bridge. it just doesn't make sense. >> it backed up into fort lee. >> no, it doesn't. you can't get off. >> you're the only person in the world that has said that. >> well, that often happens.
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>> and you're usually wrong. that's the point. >> name one time. i'm always right. >> let's talk wider about the gop position here. chris christie to many people is the most electable if you're outside of both parties of all the potential gop candidates. here he is being brought down not least by the deafening silence from his own party who sort of having for given him for what happened with romney. is that hopeful in the gop's chances for beating hillary clinton if she runs? >> i don't think he was electable. historically the mainstream media has told us most electedable, george bush sr., bob dole, john mccain have been figure fat losers. the ones they say we hope they run that ronald reagan. so electables, that doesn't mean there's no such thing as electable. it kind of drives me crazy. i've been making this argument for years. i think some conservatives have picked up that to make the argument that anyone, even if i say someone is more electable, that must mean he's unelectable.
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look who's talk. if the "new york times" tells you a candidate is electable, don't take advice from your enemies. that doesn't mean there's not a quality called electable but i don't think christie was electsable other than the fact that he probably would have been the most liberal candidate running in a primary. when i close my eyes and think of everyone who might for republican as republican maybe that's how he would have gotten through. >> but is that part of the problem is the system mean that is when a gop nominee runs, in those early primaries they face they've got almost no chance of winning if they are even remotely moderate. they can't. >> are we talking about electable or are we talking about moderate? because i don't think moderate is our most electable. look, what we want is principled conservatives with such a high iq that when the mainstream media is torturing you you are still being articulate. i think of ted cruz and mike lee and a few others. we have them out there. we have terrific candidates coming up.
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christie, look, he was good going after some public schoolteachers. but other than that, did you see his speech at the republican national convention? i flew in just for that speech. and oh, my gosh, it was the most boring speech i've seen in my entire lifetime. we have to hear about his kids' soccer games and the state-of-the-state of new jersey? you're supposed to be a street fighter. attack obama for us. >> well, you got a chance to do that which is what you'll love to do. we'll talk about president obama, about drugs and about racism and anything else you want to spew about. >> i am not spewing. you are spewing. >> i have stayed quite calm so far. there's plenty of time. >> i'll try to rile you. >> bingo! >> darn it! i was one square away from winning that game. >> it's a shame sadie isn't here today,
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back with me know ann coulter.
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>> speaking of angry divisive rhetoric. >> let's talk about drugs. what is your view? president obama told the new yorker this week as has been well documented i smoked pot as a kid. i view it as a bad habit and a vice. not very different than cigarettes i smoked as a young person up through a big chunk of my adult life. i don't think it's more dangerous than alcohol. sparked a big debate. pot been in the news a lot recently. several states now have legalized it for recreational use. thoughts. >> i'm totally against the legalization of pot. not one of these i should be legal for adults but not for kids. for one thing, it's illegal now. and kids, if you need it, i've never heard of anyone having any trouble getting it. if it becomes legal people will use it a lot more. >> the argument is there are a million people incarcerated for pot smoking when it is scientifically proven to be no more dangerous than alcohol. >> that is absolutely not true.
12:17 am
>> it is true. >> i'm willing to take one at a time here. i'm going to go through it. >> so that isn't true. what isn't true? >> first -- >> what part of what i just said is not true? the number of people incarcerated or it's no more dangerous scientifically. >> the number because 90% are plea bargains. they catch a guy with six kilos of heroin plea bargain you down to pot. i just made that up. >> you invent statements like that to denigrate my statement. >> most people in prison are as a result of plea bargains. that is irrelevant, anyway. pot is so much worse than alcohol. >> it's not, though. it's not. >> as i was saying before you keep interrupting me -- >> sanjay gupta who is a nonpartisan brilliant doctor with a brilliant documentary, scientifically proving there is absolutely no evidence that cannibis is any worse than alcohol.
12:18 am
>> it depends what you mean by -- i'm trying to answer but as soon as i answer you're going to interrupt me and say no it's not. >> then explain why. >> i keep trying to and you keep interrupting me. i'm going to explain now. so don't interrupt. look, the sole purpose for smoking pot or eating a pot brownie is to get high. that is not true with alcohol. >> yes, it is. >> people enjoy -- well, maybe you're a 14-year-old going to kegger parties still. >> everybody drinks alcohol to get slightly higher than when they start drinking it. that's the point of drinking alcohol. >> absolutely. i have done tv after drink. i bet you you have, too. >> you have? that would explain a lot of of things. have you ever smoked pot? >> wait, would you please let me finish one sentence, piers morgan? >> you're rambling. >> people enjoy wine. drink $800 bottles of wine. perhaps you have a warm feeling. you can tell if somebody's been smoking pot. their eyes are red, they giggle and everything and they're incapable of carrying on the
12:19 am
normal functions of life. >> have you smoked pot? >> no, haven't. >> none of your life? >> none of my friends because they're athletes. i'm around pot heads. look, pot heads can still get their pot. probably self-medicating. the more people who take it if it's made legal vastly more people will take it. it will be a disaster for commerce. >> why for commerce? >> because pot heads are incapable of following simple instructions and getting a job done. i used to carry around as my sole argument against pot legalization. >> are alcoholics a draw on the economy? >> to pick up in the middle of the sentence i was just on -- >> what do you mean by pothead? >> when i moved to a new place in california there was a pool. a pool guy, i would come back and it's four feet down and it's covered with green mold and i call them up. he was a pothead. oh, i was there that day. i took three pictures and hence forth that was my argument. you can't get anything done with
12:20 am
a pothead. >> what do you mean by a pothead? >> everyone knows what a pothead is. it's not smoking pot one time. >> how much are you assuming a pothead takes? >> enough so that it can be made fun of on tv by brad pitt in this movie. >> so not like a heavy drinker or heavy smoker? >> no. heavy smokers work all night and then die young saving the social security system money. for commerce, commercial purposes for the purposes of the good of the country we ought to encourage americans to smoke like mad. they'd be incredible productive and die young and not have long, lingers deaths. pot heads i'm going to be paying for their food, housing, now for their health care apparently because they can't perform any useful jobs. can you imagine -- >> the vast majority of people take marijuana on a recreational basis are not by your definition pot heads. in the same way that people who drink alcohol are not alcoholics or heavy drinkers. >> once the cat is out of the bag you can't put it back in. that was the problem with
12:21 am
prohibition. again to pick up where i was in the middle of my sentence. >> during prohibition every alcohol-related disease cirrhosis of the liver, accidents as a result of alcohol went down precipitously. it will go up. this is how many pot heads we have when it's illegal. i think that's just about enough. >> let me ask you. nobody has ever overdosed on cannibis. did you know that? >> so what? they can't perform daily functions. are going to be on my tax bill. >> do you accept people die of smoking and can overdose on too much alcohol? >> everybody dies eventually. >> that's your answer? >> to say people die of smoking. what's considered a smoking death, any heart attack is considered a smoking death. >> the point is, the argument is that -- >> that's a true fact by the way. coming from someone who never smokes will be considered a smoking death. >> heavy consumption of alcohol or cigarettes is more dangerous to your health than cannibis. >> no, alcohol is good for you. have you been reading the science times.
12:22 am
study after study alcohol is good for you. you should have a glass a day or two. we'll have a glass after the show and test your theory. >> no, it's true. alcohol is good for you. pot is not good for you. it is very cancerous. now they're getting these young kids coming in having heart attacks at very young ages because they're pot heads. by the way it will save me money if they go ahead and die but they rarely go ahead and die. >> how humane of you. let's move on. president obama, also in "the new yorker" was talking about race. and he said there's no doubt that some folks really dislike me because they don't like the idea of a black president. on the flip side of it there are some some black folks and maybe some white folks who give me the benefit of the doubt precisely because i'm a black president. is he right? >> yeah. >> you don't take issue with that? >> i don't mind that statement. let's go back to the pot statement. also if they smoke pot, before being fully developed, they
12:23 am
become shrunk enmales with caved-in chests. >> don't be so ridiculous. >> they have no ambition, no work ethic. >> don't be ridiculous. >> no pulse unless you come out and try to take their pot away and then they are vicious and violent. >> would you rather be a heavy drinker or heavy pot user. >> how should laws be organized in a country? my guess is to make the country a better place, to make it more productive. to do that, laws should yes, encourage smoking and one drink a day. >> one drink a day. >> because it's good for you. >> so if you were running the country you would have one drink a day, one cigarette or two? >> some people are addicts. >> hilarious. let's take another break. >> addicts shouldn't have anything. >> let's take another break. let's come back and talk harvey weinstein the nra and guns. that should get you going. >> i'm just going to keep talk about pot. >> i know you are. for the new mattress models
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back now with ann coulter who's been arguing with me throughout the commercial break. you'll be unsurprised to hear. most of the people on twitter have a suspicion you're actually on some form of pot or other narcotic right now. which would explain your behavior. >> that's hilarious. but could we also point out that the first e-mail you read during the break was from your publicist telling you let her talk? >> she's from texas. >> are you dissing the entire state of texas right now? >> clearly i have difference of opinion. >> most americans do.
12:28 am
because i'm a uniter >> yes, your. a great you 90er. -- uniter. let's watch this. an audio of harvey weinstein talking about gun movies. first of all he talks to howard stern, which is an audio, then he talked to me to clarify what he meant. >> please don't show me a video. >> i don't think we need guns in this country. and i hate it. and i think the n ra is a disaster area. i'm going to actually make a movie, i shouldn't say this but i'll tell it to you, howard. i'm going to make a movie with meryl streep and we're going to take this issue head on. and they're going to wish they weren't alive after i'm done with them. >> i have to just choose movies that aren't violent or as violent as they used to be. and i know for me personally, i can't continue to do that. so the change starts here. >> okay. so what do you make of harvey weinstein making a stand against the nra? >> does he know the nra is not a person and cannot have been born? speak of who's stoned?
12:29 am
no. i love this. he's made what hundreds of millions, a billion dollars making massively violent movies but he's going to pocket that and now, now he's against making violent movies. this is like somebody who has been polluting for 30 years. we need stronger pollution laws. >> what is wrong with people -- >> give the money back. >> what is wrong with a polluter finally realizing -- >> because it's hypocrisy. give the money back. go live in a trailer park and i'll believe it. >> that doesn't help the gun problem. why would that make anybody better? >> it's utter hypocrisy otherwise. >> it's not hypocritical to say i have realized some of the stuff i've done has been unhelpful. >> i've made hundreds of millions of dollars. but now -- >> at the start of his interview he said i've never made a mistake i don't regret anything. harvey weinstein saying i think some violent movies i've made and others have made have been unhelpful to the culture of gun violence america and i'm going
12:30 am
to stop making them. i think that's add admirable, isn't it? >> first of all i did not say i've never made a mistake go. ing to law school was a mistake. i said in my public statements about political and public issues there's nothing i regret or i think was divisive. again, i am a uniter. i don't know how many different ways i can say, if you're going to go and do something, pollute water, be an insider trader, take the money, keep the money and then come out and you want a badge for saying now i think i'll come out against insider trading. screw you you're a hypocrite. >> what he said was -- >> then give the money to victims of gun crimes. >> maybe he will. >> no, he won't! i'll bet you $1,000 he doesn't. >> okay. because i'll make sure he does. >> i mean every last penny. >> okay. let me put to it you. >> not some little donation like george soros would do. >> he specifically said what triggered it for him was what happened at newtown. here's what i found unpalatable. i'm going to try to be reasonable about this.
12:31 am
>> i'm going to be armed. >> there have been 35 separate school shootings in america since newtown. not a single changed any federal gun law in that time. nobody on the pro-gun side seems prepared to relent about anything. not even background checks. to try and reduce the level of gun violence. why? >> you're absolutely 100% wrong. i've been writing about is, flogging it endlessly. every one of those attacks. you can see it on the timeline if you read my gun columns you'd know this. these are not caused by guns they are caused by the mentally ill. republicans need to pick up that issue. since the deinstitutionalization movement in this country, i have the numbers. decade by decade. how many spree shootings there were like this. it was like one per decade for the first 200 years. >> how do you explain? >> let me finish the sentence. for the first 200 years of there being humans here, it was in the 70s it was right during the deinstitutionalization movement
12:32 am
that suddenly you get these spree killings. by the way, look at them. james holmes in aurora, california. jared loughner. they are all obviously paranoid schizophrenics but we can't lock them up because of the aclu. >> how do you explain other countries who have some percentage of mental illness and yet because there is no availability of guns they do not have the gun violence? >> look, countries are different. demographics are different. i don't know what the mental health laws are. i can tell you if you compare the white population to belgium, we have less crime gun crime than belgium. >> you don't think the prevalence of guns themselves has any impact? >> it's a very diverse country. >> should the culture try and be changed? away from a reliance and dependence on guns and
12:33 am
glorifying of guns? >> no. obviously i think guns reduce gun crimes. but the idea that when one spree killing after another is committed by a crazy person that you think taking the guns away is going to do something. it's like draining an ocean to find a ring you lost. that isn't going to help. the crazy people go out and kill people with swords. the murder of school children during school time that took more lives than any other in this country's history was committed with a bomb. by a crazy person. >> so your answer to what happened at newtown would be, unless i'm misreading your logic -- >> lock up the nuts, yes. >> other than that. what about guns themselves? >> start issuing concealed carry permits to people who do not have mental health issues or criminal records. >> you would have more guns? >> yeah. >> okay. ann coulter, thank you very much. good to see you. coming up, the secret ozzy osbourne kept from sharon
12:34 am
osborne that almost ended their 30-year marriage. they'll be on next.
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♪ the iconic 70s hit paranoia by black sabbath to biting off head of bats, it's been a crazy train ride for black sabbath ozzy ozborne. sharon owns three nominations in the upcoming emmys. two of my best friends in show
12:38 am
biz >> yes, piers. >> you're older than me obviously. >> we haven't even started and there's abuse. >> i've missed you, sharon. i heard you cackling away in the green room there. i thought god i've missed that laugh. that e fill laugh. >> ozzy what a moment for you to get back with sabbath. >> i'm predictable in my whole career. 45 years to get a number one in america. >> amazing, right, after 45 years. >> and never got three nominations for grammies. every show is sold out. it's been an amazing year. >> number one in 13 countries around the world including america. did you ever think this would be happening to you? >> absolutely not. i'm 65 years old. wow couldn't have happened at 19. >> 65? you look bloody good for 65, ozzy. >> thank you. my wife's cooking [ laughter ]
12:39 am
>> what was the last meal you cooked, sharon? >> oh, don't be ridiculous. >> we were talking about 1973. it was burned. >> sharon, what do you make of it? you've managed ozzy's career for a very long time. this incredible renaissance of black sabbath. the grammies will be a big deal. three nominations for the band. pretty special, right? >> it is special and it's well deserved, too. my goodness, they've all paid their dues over and over and over again. and they were the sort of anti-social band. they were never the critics' favorite. their first album rolling stones said this will never last. you will never hear from this band again. and here we are. and in fact, rolling stone deign to do a big piece on the band and say no we remember that. >> grudges, ozzy osbourne. 45 years of grudges against rolling stone? >> all along the day in the
12:40 am
early days no one gave us anything good about us. >> they were the people's band. they were the people's band. never never in the media. people weren't interested. >> what is the secret, ozzy, for longevity? so many bands -- >> if i knew that i'd make a fortune if i knew that. we've always been a band not on the mainstream. we've been an underground following. it's proved by the fact that after 35 years being solo black sabbath got number one record in 13 countries and three grammy nominations. that's big. so every seat in every concert. and we're going to arabia now and all these different countries. >> amazing, isn't it? at the same time, last year the equally tempestuous famous osbourne marriage. what went wrong about it? >> i started abusing prescription drugs. and sharon said, i'm out of it.
12:41 am
i can't deal with this anymore. >> let me see what sharon said at the time on "the talk" about this. >> everybody knows he's been struggling with this his entire life. and i never knew that he was using prescription drugs. i knew he was drinking occasionally, but i didn't realize to the extent. it's our business. we're dealing with it. we're not getting divorced, however. [ cheers and applause ] >> however, am i happy? no. am i upset? yes, i am. i'm devastated right now. >> how do you feel when you watch that, ozzy? >> well, it's out of my control. i can't drink. but if i don't what's suggested go to these meetings, do therapy classes and whatever.
12:42 am
i'll fall back down that hole. i've been fighting it since 1982. i've been that many rehabs. in and out of these programs for years. and these people say you've got to go to these meetings, do this. if i listened to them i'm okay. but then when i start to think of oh, i know better than that, i don't think i'll go today then i end up back in the bottle again. >> you said this about it i thought was extraordinary powerful. like water drips from a tap and you go f it and no reason at all you think i'll fancy a drink. your head will say have one. next thing you know you're scraping yourself off the garage floor three days later. it's like having a haunted head. these voices saying don't worry about it, ozzy. you're doing a deal with the devil. it's a disease of the mind and body and you can't control it. >> that's exactly right. last thing i want is to break my wife's heart. i love her.
12:43 am
>> i've never met a couple, i've got to say in the whole of entertainment, that i have thought had a closer, more passionate, loving relationship. so i was really shocked, i'll be honest with you. i didn't like seeing how upset you were, sharon. obviously you were devastated. what did you feel when you found out what ozzy had been secreting, because it was behind your back. did you fear that this might end the marriage? >> it was more hurt. i was very, very bruised. i was hurt. but it also -- ozzy had been drinking for a year and a half and i never knew. and it also kicked me in the ass because i'm like, well, what kind of marriage do i have that i don't know that this is going on? and what kind of marriage we had was, i tend to get married to my work. and i'm like, well, it's not just him, it's me, too. and that takes time. it takes time to actually take
12:44 am
all of that in because the first thing you do is just like it's you it's you it's you. then you go now hold on a minute. >> you must have had a moment, ozzy, when it all blew up when you thought i may have lost sharon here. >> oh, absolutely. she was in the hotel, staying in a house that she rented. and it was miserable, lonely. yet again i'd wake up in the morning look in that mirror and go you've done it again. you might have done it permanently this time. because sharon and my family have been putting up with me going in and out, in and out since 1982. i'm not proud of it. i'm very pissed off with myself. >> do you think you'll be able to avoid falling off the rails again? >> i cannot say yes and i can't say no. because it's cunning, powerful and baffling. my head will say, go on. just go on have one drink. anybody would so-and-so. but then the same voice will say the next morning as i'm scraping
12:45 am
myself off some bar floor or something, see, you can't do it. you shouldn't do it. >> it's a lonely battle, isn't it? sharon knew nothing. your kids knew nothing. the band didn't know anything. this is all a secret kind of devil thing that's going on. >> when you start hiding bottles in your own house, and sharon would have a bottle of wine and drink one glass. and i'd go take the cork out and drink it. until one day she said have you been drinking my wine? i said no. then you start lying. you start why do you always pick on me. >> how did you woo her back? >> well, it was very difficult. she was really upset with me. i don't blame her. >> we had cappuccinogate. >> what was that? >> ozzy came around to have a talk at the hotel that i was staying at. i told him, i was like, this is divorce. this is it. this is what i want. i want this, this and this. and then it's over. and he goes, you'll can't have
12:46 am
it. and i was drinking a cappuccino. and i went on his head. >> i was wearing a coffee pot for that day. she had ripped my shirt. i was walking through the hotel. >> cappuccinogate. what was the moment for you, sharon, where you thought i'm going to take him back? >> you know what? you put up this front. because it's what you should do. you feel this is what i should do. i can't be seen to be weak. i can't let somebody disrespect me this much. so i have to come out with this. but in my gut i knew, i'm not going anywhere. but i have to give him a hard time, because if i don't, it's going to happen in two weeks again. >> you've been clean how long now? >> just over ten months now, come 11 months now. >> which is a great achievement. i know how difficult it is for you, how difficult it's been over the years for you. >> it's hard. especially when you come off the
12:47 am
stage and you've done a great concert. that's when it all starts. you want the party to continue. what i do i get in the car and go. i don't socialize with people in the bar after gigs. i don't go there. >> you're never going to find another sharon. >> no. >> and she's never going to find another ozzy. >> we're meant for each other. >> we can't have this ending. it's too important. i don't mind black sabbath splitting up. they're not a real band. let's take a break talk more grammys, more happy stuff and a bit of justin bieber. i know sharon's got a few views on mr. bieber. i want to extricate them.
12:48 am
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12:51 am
♪ black sabbath "god is dead," the album nominated for a grammy. it's had three nominations here. other news about justin bieber. it made me think about what you went through with your kids after the "osbourne" show. you went through this with all teenagers that went to be rebellious and they get into problems with drink and drugs. what to you make of what's going on with young mr. bieber? >> some of it is just his age. he's 19 and he's a worldwide star, successful, money and youth is not a good combination. it never is. very few people handle that situation well. he's not handling it well, and i feel bad for him because i do
12:52 am
give him a hard time on the show. i always joke on his behalf. and i think back to my kids, what were they doing then? but jack was already two years sober then. so it's like, you know what? he needs somebody to give him a good slap and a talking to and bring him back down to the real world. >> all the family have been doing great. jack did this extraordinary thing on "dancing with the stars," he came in third. let's watch a little clip from that. ♪ [ applause ] >> i love watching it just to see you falling apart. there she is, blubbing again. but it was amazing to watch. just incredible he did so well, right? >> we did the quivering lip. >> i'm the prince of darkness.
12:53 am
>> ozzy, what do you make of your kids? >> i couldn't be happier. jack is my hero. he's been diagnosed with m.s., and when he went on "dancing with the stars," he blew my mind. >> every osbourne i know has just got this competitive spirit. you just want to win. >> he's great, absolutely great. he's given us a grand granddaughter. >> yeah, a little girl. kelly is now single again. i love the quote you had. you said, "let the auditions begin." but kelly is like a mini me, isn't she? >> she is, she is. you know, that's why we always say, don't we, engagement, engagement. you never just go oh, i love you, let's get married. engagement. >> you've got to understand --
12:54 am
>> and so she should. >> we've got the grammys happening on sunday. what will happen to black sabbath now and to you? >> it's up in the air. i'm going for it. but what we are doing, we're doing a tour of -- where? >> you're going everywhere. you're doing the holiday bowl in april. they're going to canada next in april. and then they're going all through europe. they go from abu dhabi to moscow in two days. >> do you still get along, the band? >> it's great. nobody is drunk, nobody is stoned. >> tell about the last time you did holiday bowl. >> 1972, we got banned. >> are you going to try to get banned again? >> i don't know if i'm going to
12:55 am
be around for the next. >> the beatles, the remaining two beatles, are going to be getting back together for the grammys and doing a separate thing to celebrate the 50th anniversary appearing on the sullivan show. as a huge beatles fan -- >> i think it's great. i went to see mccartney. you stand there and you go, how many hit songs has he written? their body of work is unbelievable. i remember the first time i heard "she loves you," and that changed my life, because i thought that's what i want to do. they had great songs, didn't they? >> just the greatest band. black sabbath's album is available now. the grammys air on sunday on cbs. you osbournes are everywhere.
12:56 am
you've pervaded every aspect of my life. >> and you miss me. >> i do. and "america's talent" misses both of us. >> oh, doesn't it? >> ozzy, great to see you. sharon, come and give me a kiss. we'll be right back. try zyrtec-d®. powerful relief of nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms -- all in one pill. zyrtec-d®. at the pharmacy counter. [ children laughing ] ♪ the smell of salt in the air. ♪ it's the sound a seashell makes. [ seagulls calling ] a place that's beyond your imagination, yet well within your means. find your away.
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friday night, see the interview people are still talking about. i sit down with the real wolf of wall street. his real story is more extraordinary. that's friday night. tomorrow, cnn films presents "the impostor," the story of a frenchman who convinced a texas family they were his missing child.
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good evening, everyone. there is breaking news in the heartbreaking story of a brain-dead woman being kept on life support in texas against her and her family's wishes because she's pregnant. it's a major development that could change the way a lot of people see the case. also on the program tonight, you already know washington is broken, but tonight, when it comes to trading money and power, you'll see how it got broken without anyone actually breaking the law. "keeping them honest." also, it's not over yet, millions digging out from the snow or hunkering down against the brutal cold. and also, a little boy, his story is incredible. he went to save lives, he gave his own life. he was 8 years old. we begin with breaking news and a story that's set off a national debate over life or death and whether being pregnant takes away a woman's right. marlise munoz collapsed of an apparent blood clot and her family says she is brain-dead, which means under the law in all 50 states,


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